Below are some testimonials from past students.

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“…you started teaching Dominique when she was 7 or 8 years old and she is turning 18 next month. You’ve patiently guided her and imparted your skills and knowledge in playing the piano…Now, she is definitely a big part of our worship team. Thank you for allow her to grow…”  -Maria & Arthur
“…I want to thank you for all the teaching and mentoring you have done. And for letting me know that there are different ways to understand the techniques of piano…” – Dominique

“…Thank you so much for being such a wonderful teacher for Liam and Cullen. We’ll be eternally grateful for your warmth, expertise and patience while guiding our boys on their piano journey…it’ll be a life long journey due in no small part to your influence…” – Kelly and Renee

“…I spent A Lot of time searching for the right piano instructor for Martina, because as you can tell, she is quite reserved and timid. Although my parents wanted her to excel in her piano skills, I merely wanted her to develop that side of her brain more, and have an outlet to express herself. I could tell that since she started taking piano lessons, her personality began to crack out of her hard shell. Frankly speaking, I think having such a joyous, amiable, and light-hearted instructor greatly helped with that. 

In addition to bringing music to Martina, in an exuberant yet graceful manner, I have to tell you how much you have helped me. I don’t know why it is, but sitting there listening/watching you teach has been tremendously therapeutic for me. I found that environment, a piano instructor with a student, to be such an innocent and fruitful setting.  It didn’t have anything to do with how she played, it was just seeing ther interaction between you and her, and how when she’d stumble on a note, you’d catch it right away and correct her, but not in such a strict or disciplinary manner.  Sometimes when I’m having a difficult day I’d think of how sitting in on one of your evening lessons would make my day better; that if I could observe one lesson a day, I’d view my life as more rosy and blissful…like how life is in musicals…” – Michelle

I started with Lynda after my retirement, having never played any instrument. She has been supportive, patient, and has personalized my lessons to fit my learning style. After three years, I look forward to both practice and lessons, thanks to her efforts…” – Steve

“…Both my daughters have taken lessons with Lynda since there were seven years old (they are now teenagers). In asking my daughters what they like about Lynda they talk about the friendship that has developed over the years, of how Lynda knows their strengths and weaknesses and adjusts the lessons accordingly. While Lynda has lesson books she works from with the girls, she has also be open to pop songs the girls want to play, knowing it keeps the girls interested…” – Peter

“…Lynda has been a wonderful, patient, and understanding piano teacher to our son for over eight years. With Lynda’s help, we’ve seen how our son has greatly developed his skills and self-discipline over the years. He now aspires to obtain a degree in music once he enters college next year. Thanks again Lynda for all that you’ve done!…” – Erdy & Jen