Studio Policies

  1. Rates for private lessons are $30/half hour or $60 hour.   Payment is due at the beginning of each month for the full month of lessons. If you anticipate missing the first lesson of the month, please pay in advance for the next month’s lessons.

  2.  There is a 3 month minimum when signing up for lessons on any instrument. This is to ensure you are serious about starting lessons and giving it a good go before deciding it’s not for you. I promise, learning an instrument is rewarding and fun!

  3. Only one lesson credit is allowed per month for canceled or postponed lessons. If you can’t make two or more lessons in a given month, you still owe me for those lessons. In general, 48 hour notice is required for cancelled lessons to give me time to fill the slot with another potential student or makeup lesson. I set aside time in my lesson schedule specifically for you and this time must be honored. Any time I have to cancel for any reason, you will receive a lesson credit. I can also offer makeup lessons at my discretion and time for cancelled lessons.

  4.  Lessons are paid monthly in full at the beginning of each month. If you are a TakeLessons student, you buy blocks of 5 lessons at a time. No more than one credit in five weeks will be given for cancelled lessons.

  5.  There is a 30-day cancellation policy for students who stop lessons

  6.  Books and Materials – Students are required to bring their books to every class.  Please put them in a bag to protect the books from being damaged or soiled.  It is the responsibility of the student and parents to take care of music books.  Students who print sheet music out should buy a binder and clear laminate insert sheets to organize and protect their printed songs.

  7.  About Practicing  -Every student must develop a daily practice schedule.  The amount of time is different for everyone, but a good rule of thumb is 20-30 minutes a day.  As students advance, so does the amount of practice time.  All students need an instrument to practice on or with before they start lessons.  Beginning piano students, especially very young kids, can start on a smaller electronic keyboard and graduate to a larger size as they progress.  If your student is having a hard time with practicing, or refuses to do it, please talk to Lynda about changing the songs he/she is learning and then check in to see if taking music lessons is the right thing for your child.  Sometimes a student can become overwhelmed by a certain piece.  When this happens, communicate with Lynda about this so she can be ready to work patiently through the frustration at the next lesson