Book Release: Music Theory, Songwriting and The Piano (Alfred Publishing)



I’m very excited to announce the Release of Pyramind’sMusic Theory, Songwriting and The Piano‘ book published by Alfred.  I am a contributing author for the book and also appear on the DVD ådemostrating piano practice techniques and exercises along side other video tutorials by Jordan Rudess (Dreamtheater, iOS Music App Developer) and main author and Pyramind CAO Matt Donner.   The book focuses on rhythm training, major scales, triads, harmonization, important chord progressions used in popular music styles, chromatics, understand the circle of fifths, sevenths chords and an introduction to modes.  I consulted with Matt Donner and contributing author, jazz musician Anthony Peterson during the content and structure of the book and later wrote piano exercises for each chapter that have become the ‘Chops Tests.’   There are beginning and advanced ‘Chops Test’ depending on the experience of the reader with piano skills.  It’s a very clear, concise read that makes music theory accessible to anyone.  I’m very happy to be a part of it!


You can purchase the Book on  LINK .  Other Pyramind Training Series tittles include ‘Audio Fundamentals‘ and ‘Welcome to the Music Business.’  Much of the books content is taken from the classes taught on the Pyramind Campus and offer valuable knowledge to amateur and professional music producers alike.



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