Pyramind Online is Launched!

Pyramind Online is the audio industry’s newest resource for modern sound production, networking, and discussion.   View tutorial videos on all aspects of music production and keynote speeches and presentations by industry leaders in music performance, audio for video games and much more.  Pyramind Online allows you to set up your own profile and interact with the Pyramind production team and instructors, students who are attending the school and others who subscribe around the world.

I’ve taught Piano, Production and Reason classes at Pyramind since 2007, appeared on two Test Press Compilations released by Pyramind’s own Epiphyte Records, sat on a Test Press panel in 2010 and contributed to 2 books on Theory and Creative Production techniques that will be published by Alfred.  Surrounding Pyramind is a creative, passionate and knowledgeable community of professionals committed to the best audio production and training available.  My first contribution to Pyramind Online is a series of basic piano technique videos focusing on the key of C major.  Video content director and editor Charles Geoghegan and chief academic officer Matt Donner shot the videos in my home studio.  The piano videos will be included on a DVD in the Pyramind Music Theory book coming this year.  More piano and production videos are also in the works.

Please use CODE:  DIVA2011 when signing up!


Have fun and see you around the growing Pyramind Online Community!

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