The Art Of Improvisation at CIIS (California Institute of Integral Studies)

I just finished a wonderful weekend seminar with grammy winner and music educator David Darling and the founding instructor and coordinator of the Sound, Voice, Music and Healing Certificate program, Silvia Nakkach.  David Darling is co-founder of a 16 week improvisational workshop called ‘Music for People.’ Music for People is an introduction to musical improvisation through fun musical games designed to introduce basic musical concepts and allow the space for spontaneous collaboration and performance.  Silvia added her own vocal warm-up and tuning exercises designed to resonate and harmonize with the group, including her own ‘sonic meditations.’   Key words from the weekend:  ‘Unconditional Integration’


David Darling

Music for People

Silvia Nakkach and Vox Mundi

Sound, Voice and Music Healing Program at CIIS

The next two weeks will by a workshop/seminar by John Beaulieu, an expert on sound healing using tuning forks.

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